Watch This Cat Snuggle Her Tiny Human Since The Womb

Images via Facebook

A cat spent her owner’s entire pregnancy cozied up to her belly and now that the baby’s here, she’s on guard 24/7

If you have pets before you have kids, wondering whether the animal you love will get along with your impending bundle of joy can be quite stressful. After all, you loved them first and want them to feel happy and comfortable in your home. For one mom, that worry all but never existed as her cat showed an undying love and desire to protect her baby boy — before he was even born.

Liel Ainmar Assayag posted adorable photos on Facebook showing the fierceness with which her adopted cat, Panda, “guarded” her baby bump. She wrote of the pet’s devotion in a recent post saying, “She kept him for 9 months he was in the belly and now she’s keeping him when he’s already out… Love unconditionally!”

And boy, did she ever.

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

As if these images aren’t unspeakably adorable enough, once baby Sean arrived, Panda stepped up her watch-cat game in a hurry.

Image via Facebook

This is love. This right here. The way that cat is snuggled up on “her” baby and intently eyeing her owner is exactly what all pet owners hope for when expecting their first child. There’s a lot to worry about when bringing home a new baby and for those of us with animals that will need help acclimating, we have an extra big concern to keep us up at night.

When my first child was born, our dog was barely a year old and the absolute center of the universe to us. I was consumed with worry that he would start acting out when our daughter arrived — or worse — try to hurt her. While I was still in the hospital, my husband brought the dog a knit hat that our baby had worn for a few hours to get her scent into the house. We were terrified he would take one look at her and want nothing to do with the whole situation.

To our delight and relief, he snuggled that hat while he slept for the next two days before the baby and I finally came home. He was definitely a little timid around her at first, especially when she cried, but he loved her without question. He spent the first year of her life sleeping right outside her bedroom door and loved following her around as she learned to crawl and walk. It was a joy to witness them learn to love each other and I can’t imagine our heartbreak if things hadn’t worked out so well.

The idea of a much-loved pet not getting along with the new baby is upsetting. There’s always enough love to go around but convincing your pet that’s the case could be difficult. Luckily, it worked out beautifully for this mom and her little one. Panda and baby Sean will hopefully have a long and happy relationship.

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