Here’s Why You Celebrate The People In Your Life During The Holidays

Here’s Why You Celebrate The People In Your Life During The Holidays

Sponsored by Hallmark Signature
Sponsored by Hallmark Signature

Everyone deserves to be celebrated, even during the crazy holiday rush (MORE TOYS! MORE STORES! MORE COOKING!). We hate adding more to your list, but honoring the friends and family who’ve made a difference in our lives? There’s always time to send a card for that. We asked our Scary Mommy community what awesome person they want to celebrate this holiday season, and here’s what you said.

1. Because It DOES Take A Village

Rita T. My neighbors! I can always count on them to keep an eye on my kids, lend me a missing ingredient or a gardening tool. I’m thankful every single day for their presence in my life.

2. Because You’re Not Going It Alone

Jeanne H.  All the friends and family who have lent a helping hand to me as I go through my divorce and navigate the waters of single momdom!

3. Because You Need A #MomSquad

Sarah Y. I am lucky to have an amazing friend/Mom squad in my girls Nicole and Melody! We lift each other up, give tough love when needed, and always remind one another how badass we are when we need it!

4. Because Family, Through Sickness And In Health

Briana W. My stepdad! He’s fighting terminal brain cancer, but he still keeps his spirits up and does all he can to take care of his family.

5. Because He’s My Mr. Mom

Jessica T. My amazing husband became a stay-at-home dad when I left for deployment. I’ve been gone 301 of 365 days between deployment, courses, and exercises. He’s the real MVP for holding down the fort!

6. Because I Couldn’t Do It Without Her

Stacy A. I am recognizing my mother, Debbie. She has been caring for my three children nearly every single week day for absolutely no charge and up to 13 hours a day for nearly a decade.

7. Because I Have A Sister, I’ll Always Have A Friend

Joelle W. My older sister makes it a point to reach out to me even when I’m drowning in life and can’t always reach back. I think of her and know that I am loved.

8. Because Mom’s Love Is Unconditional

Erin P. My mom is this amazing woman who has somehow been able to forgive the insanity and chaos of my teens and twenties and is now my greatest friend. That’s unconditional love defined right there!

No matter who they are or what they’ve done for you, the people in your life who made this year easier or less sucky or almost bearable or kind of wonderful deserve a little shout out. And hey, Hallmark can do some of the work for you. This year, choose a Hallmark Signature card to tell the ones you love how they’ve made a difference in your life.

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