Comedian Recreates Celebrity Mom Photos And They Are So Much Better Than The Originals

by Valerie Williams
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Comedian recreates celebrity mom Instagram photos to hilariously reflect reality

The comedian behind recreations of totally unattainable celebrity Instagram photos is back and this time, she’s doing amazing send-ups of celebrity mom images. Get ready to laugh coffee out of your nose, because she doesn’t hold back.

Celeste Barber, an Australian writer and actor, sees the completely unrealistic way some celebrity moms portray themselves on Instagram and instead of letting it make her feel less than, she mocks it. All in good fun, of course. Barber tells The Huffington Post, “I just wanted to make people laugh. I like to make fun of myself.”

And boy, are we on the good end of that deal. The mom of two young boys and two teen step-daughters definitely knows how life as a parent really looks, and it’s not the way famous people make it appear. Barber contrasts her reality with carefully curated images from celebrity Instagram accounts and the results are positively hilarious.

Of her motivation to zero in on celeb moms, Barber explains, “It can be pretty hard to just get through a day sometimes. I hope mums get a laugh out of my stuff while doing the washing, cooking dinner, helping with homework, satisfying partners and necking a cleanskin.”

And “necking a cleanskin” means drinking cheap wine right out the bottle, which basically means this woman is our people.

Check out her work and be prepared to nod knowingly and also, experience side-splitting laughter, because oh my God.

Can someone please explain this M.I.L.F. video to me like I’m five? All I know is Kim is sexily covered in milk. And Celeste wore it better.

Cool waist trainer, Coco. But we know how this shit would really go.

Sorry, J. Lo. You’re cool and all. But no small child could perform a scalp massage without scraping a cornea as a bonus service. Celeste calls bullshit.

Chrissy, we love you like the desert loves the rain but no. This is just… Good on her, but postpartum pouch and a bottle of wine are a bit more our speed.


Yes, Celeste. We do see the funny. And we bow down.

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