#ChalkTheVote Is A Great Way To Get Kids Involved With The Election

by Madison Vanderberg

#ChalkTheVote wants to inspire everyone to vote

We know you’re tired of hearing how important the upcoming election is but like, it’s really really important. So to continue to remind everyone of the seriousness of the day, but also infuse it with some fun and creativity, ParentsTogether — a national nonprofit organization made up of more than 2 million parents across the country — created #ChalkTheVote. #ChalkTheVote encourages families to spend time together making chalk murals in their neighborhood that also encourage people to go out and vote.

Sunday, October 18th is the big #ChalkTheVote kick0ff day and ParentsTogether hopes that it will empower parents and kids to get excited about voting, which isn’t just important for this election, but for the future as “kids who get excited about voting are more likely to grow up to be adults who vote.”

You don’t have to wait until Sunday to start chalking, but no matter when you decide to hit the streets, ParentsTogether suggested some different “types” of chalk drawings you can make, which include:

Drawing a “Vote Early” mosaic.

Reminding your neighbors to make a “Voting Plan.”

Creating a voting calendar with local deadlines.


Chalking inspirational voting slogans.

Or having your kids respond to prompts like; “I need my grown-ups to vote because…”


To make your chalk art stand-out, ParentsTogether suggests chalking in high-traffic areas (by playgrounds, bus stops, etc) where your message is most likely to be read.

“While voting looks different this year, it is more important than ever to vote, and to vote early. The pandemic has hit parents especially hard and their needs are being ignored by the people in power,” Bethany Robertson, co-Founder of ParentsTogether, said in a statement. “This election cycle, it’s especially important to help parents– many of whom are feeling worn down and worn out– reclaim their voting power while also helping to educate kids about the importance of the voting process.”

Once you’re done, take photos of your artwork and use the hashtags #ChalkTheVote and #FamilyVote when you post your pics on social media. For more info and tips on making the best chalk art, head to