Channing Tatum Shuts Down Internet Troll Who Says He Looks Better With Ex Jenna Dewan

by Julie Scagell

Channing Tatum claps back at internet troll, defending his girlfriend Jessie J

Jessie J and Channing Tatum are officially back together, and Tatum has no time for relationship haters on social media. The Magic Mike star posted a snapshot of himself and the “Bang Bang” singer wearing unicorn horns looking adorably in love, but when one internet troll hurled insults on the photo, Tatum decided to put him in his place.

Tatum admits he doesn’t typically respond to random people online, but this time he wants the world to know exactly where he stands. Tatum shared the pic with the caption, “Gonna watch this unicorn sang tonight. Then we gonna get it in! Horns out!” When a commenter wrote that “Jenna looks better with you,” Tatum quickly lashed out saying in part, “you seem as good a of terrible happy people hating thoughtless person as any of them. why don’t you seriously think about what your doing.”

The comment was referring to Tatum’s first wife, Jenna Dewan, who he shares custody of daughter, Everly, with. They divorced in early 2018 and he’s since dated Jessie J, though the pair split briefly last year. “It’s hurtful and i ain’t about it,” Tatum continued in repsonse to the negative comment. “If you can’t not be a horrible hatful person on my page and support the infinite and untouchable beauty and woman that jess is…please kindly get the TF out of here. No one wants you here. Especially me.”

It’s the first picture the actor’s posted of the pair since her birthday in March 2019. Jessie J recently clarified their brief breakup, saying, “In my most recent breakup, there was no drama. No hate. No juicy gossip. We are just two very normal (happen to be famous) people who met. Dated. Had so much fun! And just admitted over time it didn’t work as a romantic relationship. Still friends. Still respect and have love for one another. Simple.”

Tatum went on to seemingly insult his ex but later clarified the comment. “And ain’t no body more stunning and beautiful to look at but even more as a human than Jess. And yeah that includes my ex,” he added. “Sorry about your opinion. But what i said is facts. just facts. Ok bye be careful with your actions it’s what you create for yourself.” But then he later wrote that “Jenna is beautiful and amazing in her own right. But no and I mean no one is more beautiful than anyone else.”

It seems Tatum and Jessie J are back together and very in love. Here’s hoping the trolls can make their way out of the comments section in the future and worry about their own lives.