Channing Tatum Pulls Kimmel Candy Prank On His 4-Year-Old

by Valerie Williams
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Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel

Not cool, Channing

Halloween is over, but Jimmy Kimmel is just getting started with his popular yearly tradition of having parents send in videos of themselves pranking their kids by telling them they ate all their Halloween candy. Whether you love or hate the idea of toying with your child’s emotions for a possible minute of late-night television fame, you’re going to love the video of Channing Tatum pulling a fast one on his daughter.

Because it’s freaking adorable.

The Magic Mike XXL actor was filling in for Kimmel last night while the host is out on leave as his infant son prepares for his second heart surgery. That means Tatum took the reins in renewing the host’s yearly request for videos from parents tricking their kids about their treats. He started off by sharing his own clip where he fools sweet four-year-old daughter Everly into thinking her candy is kaput.

Tatum starts off by showing little Evie her empty candy collection basket, and she immediately goes to ground, burying her face in her mother’s legs while crying softly.


The kids’ reactions in the videos Kimmel shares every year run the gamut from hysterical screaming to name calling to righteous indignation. But sometimes, the little guys are simply broken-hearted — and those are the hardest to watch.

Everly chides her father saying, “That’s not funny,” once he reveals his dastardly deed. Not funny indeed, Evie. I happen to be one of the curmudgeons who doesn’t enjoy this yearly trick. Believe me, I love messing with my kids’ emotions as much as the next mean mommy, but candy is sacred, yo. Don’t toy with their little hearts on Halloween.

For Kimmel’s part, he may be absent from his hosting duties, but the comedian still managed to film himself pulling one over on his three-year-old daughter. Of course, it’s adorable as heck.

Jane didn’t know how to feel at first, but once she found out her Swedish Fish and bubble gum were gone, she wasn’t pleased. That is, until Daddy tells her that every time he hiccups, a bubble comes out.

That got a giggle.

Even if you don’t want to pull this gag on your own kids, it’s hard to deny how funny and sweet these videos are. Keep them coming, Jimmy. But maybe give Jane some bonus Swedish Fish for her troubles.

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