Take Our Money: Channing Tatum Will Perform In 'Magic Mike Live'

by Mike Julianelle

The Magic Mike star plans to extend the show and perform live himself

Let’s hope what happens in Vegas stays there for a while, because tickets to the Magic Mike show are going to go fast now that Channing Tatum promised to make an appearance.

Better set up a Google alert so you know when to pounce on those airplane tickets!

That sound you heard was women everywhere rushing to grab their wallets.

The stage show, which he previously announced in adorably ridiculous and shirtless fashion, has been successful enough to have its run extended, giving the star more time to make a cameo. And giving all of us time to clear our calendars.

The movie star and driving force behind the Magic Mike franchise let his intentions be known while speaking to People Magazine at the premiere of his new Amazon Show, Comrade Detective.

Tatum teased an eventual appearance while explaining the intent behind the Magic Mike stage show that just extended its Las Vegas run. “I definitely am [performing in the show],” he teased. “I’m absolutely going to at some point.”

He elaborated on his philosophy behind the show, which offers more than just eye candy.

“I want to just try to be like, okay, men and women, let’s talk. Let’s actually have a conversation about sex — about just humor, about really talking and connecting on what we are getting, or what we are getting and what we’re not getting,” he told People. “Let’s not make it so taboo.”

I totally agree. What exactly are we getting again?


Not only does the show already contain plenty of prime beefcake, not only did Tatum design the show to be empowering and inclusive, now he’s planning to join the fun himself.

It’s okay if you need a minute. I understand. I mean, I’ve seen the moves. I mean the movies. (And the moves.)

Of course, with a new TV series to promote, a new movie with Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh movie coming out, and a gorgeous wife and adorable daughter at home, who knows when he’ll actually make it to Vegas for the show.

But that’s okay. Good things come to those who wait.