Goth Lattes Are The Antidote For All That Unicorn Crap

by Maria Guido
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Goth lattes will caffeinate your black heart

If seeing purple, pink, and blue frothy crap sold at a place that is supposed to specialize in coffee makes your eyes twitch, we have some good news for you. There is now the blackest of coffees, for your cold, dead, soul.

Charcoal lattes are the next big thing, and they are as dark as your sense of humor.

Activated charcoal is the special ingredient that gives this drink its dark hue. Did not know you could drink this — I’ve only used it on my face. I also remember an ABC after school special where a girl got so wasted she had to drink charcoal at the hospital. (Whatever happened to those very informative, terrifying specials?)

This one is hashtagged #superfoodlatte #superfood #vegan #nourish #wellness, so admittedly, these may even be more annoying than unicorn lattes.

#sugarfree #lactoseintolerant — Mmm, that sounds delicious.

This shot just redeemed the whole thing. Black nails, black latte — we’re in.

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