Chardonnay Go: It's Pokémon Go For Moms!

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Image via Dena Blizzard/Facebook

Blogger parodies Pokémon Go with a mom twist

Pokémon Go is all the rage, and I’ll admit right now that I still have no idea what the hell it is. Cleary I’m merely steps away from refusing to use the ATM because I “don’t trust it” and referring to people younger than me only as “those crazy kids.”

Blogger Dena Blizzard thought of a version of the popular game we can all get behind: Chardonnay Go. Instead of catching Pidgeys or whatever the heck they’re called, the game would allow you to run around town “catching” glasses of wine.

“Did you know there’s an app for moms called Chardonnay Go, where you can actually find glasses of chardonnay all over your neighborhood?” Blizzard asks, as she’s running out the door. “It’s really simple, there’s actually a glass really close to my house right now!”

She runs through the streets like a madwoman, searching for glasses of chardonnay, even knocking down anyone in her path. You have to admit, at least there’s a reward here. If we can make sense of hundreds of thousands of people hunting down Pokémons in the streets, certainly we can understand the allure of this.

Now, who’s going to make this app happen?

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