Charlize Theron Called ‘Monster Mom’ For Disciplining 4-Year-Old During Tantrum

by Maria Guido
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LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 18: Co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor Ari Emanuel, actress Charlize Theron, Jackson Theron and actor Sean Penn attend the Points of Light generationOn Block Party on April 18, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for generationOn)

Tabloid calls Theron a ‘monster mom’ for the most absurd reason

Who among us has not had to deal with a tantrumming child? OK Magazine bought some paparazzi shots of Charlize Theron “dragging” her four-year-old son and labeled Theron a “monster” because of them. Seriously? Who wrote this garbage? They obviously don’t have kids.

Oh yes, there are photos of Theron “dragging” her son. Or as the rest of us call it “getting our immobile kids into the car.” What parent has not been in this exact position with their child at one time or another? We have absolutely no idea what the context of these pictures is. He could have been sprinting toward the street for all we know. The only thing we have here is a snapshot of a moment. Imagine if someone followed you around with a camera photographing your every parenting move. How many images do you think people could read too far into? Many.

It wasn’t enough for the magazine to take the photos and create this headline: Monster Mom! Charlize Theron Snapped Dragging 4-Year-Old Son! They also added this commentary,Charlize Theron may be an award winning actress but she certainly won’t be receiving any accolades in parenting! The-mother-of-two was snapped wrestling her son in a parking lot on Feb. 18.” Oh, god. Then this: “The Mad Max: Fury Road star cuffs her squirming son by his wrists and then it looks as if she’s wrestling the child to the ground.” No it doesn’t. It doesn’t look like she’s wrestling anyone to the ground. It looks like she’s trying to get a hold of a tantrumming 4-year-old.

The magazine also consulted a “family relationship expert” to dissect the photos. Here’s what Dr. Gilda Carle had to say: “The first rule of parenting is to motivate, not dictate.It’s clear that Charlize is dictating. ‘Get over here! Do this!’ She looks like she’s yelling at him,” the doctor added. “Instead of telling him, she should be selling him on why he’s going to dance class. For all she knows, he doesn’t like dancing. She’s got to find out what’s on his mind by asking him and letting him talk about his feelings. Not dragging him around.”

The good doctor then clarified on her Facebook page, “I have been quoted in the media for decades, and I never know how my words will be interpreted… Having worked with celebrities for years, I’ll tell you that most don’t pay any mind to media hype!” Right. Having worked “with celebrities for years” she knew damn well that her words along with those images would be damning. Gross.

As if we don’t beat ourselves up everyday for our parenting decisions. As if we don’t struggle with motherhood constantly. Can you imagine looking up at the grocery store and seeing that headline?

Charlize Theron isn’t a “monster mom.” She’s just in the throes of a toddler meltdown. And we’ve all been there.

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