These Tweets Will Make Anyone Who Doesn't Want Kids LOL

by Valerie Williams
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Being child-free can be pretty damn great, as these hilarious tweets prove

As a loving parent who thinks their kids hung the moon, it’s hard to imagine that not everyone’s into this lifestyle. And yet, it’s true — tons of very happy adults have fulfilling lives and zero interest in ever having kids. Their reasons (which are none of anyone’s business, by the way) are varied and all perfectly valid — and TBH, even us parents have to admit that not having kids sounds like it could be pretty damn amazing.

But what’s done is done and even though life with our rug rats is mostly dreamy, we can still fully appreciate and embrace the humor (and truth) behind these tweets about why not having a baby can be the greatest choice of all.

First of all, not everyone is cut out for this stuff.

Not everyone coos and squeals when they meet a baby.

Some people reserve that level of enthusiasm for other very important things.

Also? Kids are fabulous but let’s not forget how many other exciting paths a person can take in life. Much respect to all the cool and mysterious wine aunts — you’re living the dream.

Of course, there are some who will shit on those who admit they’re just not feeling parenthood. All those joyously living a child-free lifestyle need a snappy comeback like this one to shut up the naysayers.

Because kids aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. And if being surrounded by screaming all the time isn’t really your bag, then maybe it’s smart to pass.

You could always get a pupper, after all. Or a dozen of them. Sky’s the limit when you’re not saving thousands of dollars for someone’s future college education.

I mean, it’s just good sense to never lose sight of all the other options out there.

Which is why those of us elbow-deep in the whole “having kids” thing should probably keep our mouths shut. We know not what we say and the kid-free by choice crowd really doesn’t need our nonsense.

It seems like people just aren’t thinking when they try to convince others to jump on the baby train.

Because a person should be really into the whole idea — parenthood is not something to enter with lukewarm feelings. Or thoughts of having any disposable income whatsoever.

The thing is, you have to be all in. There’s like, a whole other entire language and math system involved here.

Which is why those celebrating their amazing kid-free existence should be applauded and understood — not told that they need to give this whole parenting thing a shot. Because even kids themselves know there are other paths you can take — truly, truly enviable ones.

And as far as us parents go? It would do us well to remember that although we’re head over heels, no one’s as impressed by our baby’s feats as we are.

Rightfully so, TBH.

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