10 Things To Know Your Child's Freshman Year

by Lorraine Lundqvist
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My son returned from his freshman year at college last May. When we unpacked his bags, the overwhelming stench of teen spirit once again filled my house. If you have a son in high school you probably know the smell; it’s the smell of dirty laundry, old soda cans and dirty sneakers that have been stored a little too long in one place. As I opened the bags that he brought home, my senses were assaulted and I laughed as I helped him unpack dirty dishes, dirty laundry and unused cleaning supplies.

For those of you facing your own college drop-offs soon, here are ten things to be prepared for:

1. Your child will not clean their room. Go see their room on move-in day and never return again.

2. Even if your student has a meal plan, they will blow all of their flex points and hard earned money at Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and on Chinese food.

3. It’s just better to throw away the bathroom mats you bought. Do yourself a favor and buy cheap ones.

4. Buy a foam pad for their mattress; it makes a HUGE difference in how they sleep. I took my son’s home during Easter and he said it was a completely different feeling when it was gone.

5 If you do make the mistake of visiting your student halfway through the school year, bring LARGE trash bags. Chances are there will be donut boxes and empty Gatorade bottles stacked in the closet.

6. Buy a safe for your son/daughter and attach it to their bed on the first day of school. They can put their laptop, gadgets or wallet there when they leave the room or dorm. You’d be shocked at how many kids are affected by theft.

7. You are not allowed to get their grades. Yes, I know you may pay for their tuition, but they are legal adults now. Make sure you make it clear to your child that if you pay for school, you see the grades.

8. Forget the university-sponsored care packages; they are garbage. My son said he was so sick of getting candy and bad food he asked me not to re-order second semester. Send more socks, underwear, and anything else they may have forgotten and now realize they need.

9. Stock their refrigerator with tons of water. It will be the last time it is full of water.

10. Realize that when you pick up your son or daughter from college, you no longer have a “child.” Your baby has become a young man or woman. That will not stop them from taking their dirty dishes and sealing them up in a garbage bag.

Remember: Freshman year is a time of adjustment. Sophomore, junior and senior year are really the memories that college is made of. Don’t be discouraged if your child has a slow start!

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