Maskhole Refuses To Leave And Threatens Chipotle Employee Over Mask Policy

by Madison Vanderberg
TikTok @jabberwalkin

Maskhole threatens lawsuit against Chipotle over mask policy

Chipotle, like basically every national chain, has a mask policy in place right now. No mask, no service. So when an anti-mask asshole waltzed into a Chipotle demanding to be served and threatening the employees, the incident went viral on TikTok. A dude, or a male-Karen if you will — a Ken? Sure. A Ken who refused to wear a mask was captured in a TikTok video yelling at a very patient Chipotle employee while threatening a lawsuit and violence against the store, all over his right to eat a burrito bowl.

Wearing a “Freedom” shirt (of course, he was), the maskhole bellowed at the employee about his rights while first claiming he was “not interested” in wearing a mask, then pivoting to say he had a “medical condition.” The employee stood firm on the mask policy and even told the guy that he would take his order outside, which is more accomodating than I would have been if I worked at that Chipotle.

Then, the maskhole literally bragged to the employee and was basically, like, No you don’t understand, I’m that asshole who comes in here and demands to be served, so you have to do it.

“I have been here three times,” the idiot said. “Call your manager. Ask him about the guy who comes in, demanding to be served. He’ll know exactly who you’re talking about.”

What a reputation. Imagine being the “demanding to be served at Chipotle” guy. Man, we need to end “the customer is always right” mentality, what a nightmare.

The guy then threatens to sue Chipotle if they won’t serve him. “I want to be served like a normal human being,” he yelled. Eventually, the employee said he would have to call the cops if the man wouldn’t leave the restaurant, so the customer said “Call ’em,” and the employee did.

In a follow-up video, the TikTok user who shared the video said the guy continued to demand service as the employee dialed the cops, but when no other employees would help him, he reportedly mumbled something about “a group of vets at your door tomorrow” and eventually walked out.

This pandemic needs to end if for no other reason than I cannot watch another entitled asshole demand customer service despite the fact they are in clear violation of that service’s health policy. Hey, at least nobody made the dude a burrito. Small wins, right?