This Family's Narnia-Inspired 'Christmas Room' Has The Internet In Awe

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Facebook/Chris Hanks

It’s like living inside a snow globe!

The holidays bring out the Clark Griswold in all of us. Whether we’re competing to have the brightest lights in the neighborhood or the biggest tree on the block, something about Christmas draws out our collective joyous but competitive spirit.

If you’re not sure you agree, check out this video.

Most people focus on decorating the outside of their houses so other people can benefit from the festive lights and elaborate displays. But one dad festooned a room inside his home, and when he was finished, took a video to spread the Christmas spirit across the internet.

Multiple trees and wreaths, gifts under the tree, snow on the ground, lights hanging from the ceiling, Christmas songs playing; this must be what it’s like to visit Santa Claus!

But the man who put it all together isn’t Kris Kringle, he’s Chris Hanks, and his video has been viewed more than 7 million times since he posted it on November 30th. It’s now been been shared by more than 8,000 and liked by over 15,000.

Image via Chris Hanks

“I don’t know how that happens, I just want to make the best out of it now,” Chris told Scary Mommy.

It’s basically impossible for your heart not to grow three sizes while watching the video of the room, which is complete with a mailbox for all those letters to Santa. If it feels like Santa’s house, well, that’s intentional, according to the man behind the magic.

“My thought to the room was that feeling I imagined if a family walking through the woods looking for that Perfect Christmas tree for them home would feel when if they unknowingly found themselves at Santa’s Place.”

Image via Chris Hanks

Hanks admits that the North Pole wasn’t his only inspiration for the room, so don’t be surprised if a talking lion shows up. “I also took some inspiration from the movie Chronicles of Narnia,” he said.

One thing’s for sure, it definitely looks like a movie set! The snowy bench and the lampposts are the perfect homage to The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Mr. Tumnus himself would surely approve.

As you can probably guess, Chris loves Christmas, and he’s thrilled that his room his helping spread the spirit.

“I get hundreds saying, this Christmas they were sad or depressed then they saw the video, and it lifted their spirits,’ said of the response the video is getting. ‘That’s a great blessing to me.”

The room is actually a result of a compromise between Chris and his wife. She loves having the house all lit up, but arranging the lights, and taking them down, is not Chris’s favorite part. “This year I compromised with her for me to do Christmas lights and I told her that I would do her and the kids a Christmas room this year if she would let me.”

Image via Chris Hanks

Well, she did, and it seems to have worked out pretty well.

The display is elaborate, intricate, and basically at a professional level. In fact, if I were him, I’d get myself a Santa suit and start charging people to step inside that wonderland and tell me what they want for Christmas, like Macy’s. By the end of the season, you could have enough money to decorate the entire house!