QAnon Trolls Continue To Troll Chrissy Teigen After Her Heartbreaking Loss

by Leah Groth
QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Are Trolling Chrissy Teigen After She Lost Her Baby
Rich Polk/Getty

Chrissy Teigen, a popular target by the QAnon conspiracy theorists, is being attacked after the tragic loss of her baby

Supermodel, cookbook author, mother, and wife of singer John Legend has been a longtime target of QAnon, a group of far right trolls who have accused her of everything from sex trafficking to pedophilia. No matter what she does, she is the recipient of thousands of nasty tweets from various QAnon accounts. Because people are horrible and have absolutely no decency, Teigen, who is currently mourning the loss of her pregnancy, is now being attacked for that too.

After sharing about the loss of her son, who the couple named Jack, halfway through her pregnancy, most of Teigen’s followers offered love and support.

However, the QAnon trolls used the death of her child as a reason to spew hate. Comments flooded Teigen’s social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — accusing the mourning mother of unspeakable things, telling her she was on the receiving end of karma, and accusing her of “sacrificing” the child.

Teigen’s fans quickly started reporting the appalling comments, but just as quickly as they were deleted, others surfaced.

One particularly horrifying comment, asking “DID YOU EAT IT?” with the addition of a skull emoji, had attracted over 3,000 likes as of Friday morning. On Twitter, it wasn’t much better. In fact, it was incredibly disturbing how many “real” people — not just fake trolls — were making vile remarks about her loss.

Even Facebook users with real profiles visible to the public were accusing the model of being a pedophile and deeming her deserving of the death of her child, using QAnon’s #SaveOurChildren or #SaveTheChildren hashtags.

According to Business Insider, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all doing their part to remove these posts and delete accounts that break any rules. However, as of Friday, many still remained visible on the platforms.

Obviously, this is not okay. Mourning parents deserve support — not hate-fueled rantings accusing them of murdering children. Chrissy and John, we are virtually wrapping our arms around you during this incredibly painful time that no parent should ever have to experience.