'Please Comment On The Size Of My Belly' Said No Pregnant Woman, Ever

by Maria Guido
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Anyone who’s been through a pregnancy can tell you that it’s nearly 10 months of unsolicited advice and boundary-crossing. For some reason, as soon as you get pregnant the general public thinks it’s all of a sudden magically okay to comment on your size and features. This is magnified by a thousand if you happen to be in the public eye, like Chrissy Teigen.

Teigen just announced her pregnancy last week, and shared her first “baby bump” picture over the weekend.

Of course, since she’s shown “the bump” she’s had a landslide of congratulations and well wishes. She’s also had remarks from those people none of us are able to avoid during our pregnancies: the no filter group.

Wow is that your belly ? Is growing quite fast !!! I am sure is a boy !!!! When is a girl the belly grows wider… I had both so… 😉

Omggg it’s so big!

You’re getting twins babe

You must have overdone it with #NationalPastaDay

Do you find it hard to support a food baby and a real baby at the same time?

Damn you got big fast! My bestie is due in Feb and she’s 1/2 your size. Not twins? Probably triplets!

As you can see, these comments usually fall into three groups: gender prediction, suspicion of twins, and straight-up rude. Teigen responded to the second group with this:

There’s something about a pregnant belly that makes people lose their minds a little, and totally abandon social propriety. When I was about seven months pregnant with my first child I had a woman approach me at the corner deli, cup my lower belly with her hands, look into my eyes and say, “This is definitely a girl. You are so blessed.” It was actually a boy. Did I mention she was a total stranger? I left my house on a mission to find a Kit-Kat. I ended up getting felt-up by Miss Cleo in a 7-Eleven. Ahh, pregnancy.

As if expanding to twice your size and growing an actual human weren’t hard enough, you will also have to deal with people touching you, commenting on your size, and making all sorts of weird predictions. Sorry, pregnant ladies. I don’t think any of us knows how to make this behavior stop.

Be prepared.

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