Chrissy Teigen Defends Kristin Cavallari From Mom-Shaming Bullsh*t

by Maria Guido
Image via Getty Images

When an internet mob of mommy-shamers went after Kristin Cavallari, Chrissy Teigen had her back

Chrissy Teigen is famously awesome at shutting down shamers when it comes to her own life. When the internet fires at her, she responds — and it’s refreshing. She turned some of that fierceness outward this week, to help a fellow celeb mom, Kristin Cavallari, who was ambushed by the internet for an absolutely ridiculous reason.

Cavallari posted an adorable photo of her sons at the beach last weekend, and a landslide of ridiculous accusations began — namely, that she wasn’t feeding them enough.

“I understand you live a very strict dietary lifestyle but these children are very obviously nutritionally deficient,” read one comment. And another,“Seeing pictures of your boys and how they look is a bit shocking to see! I know you cook healthy but to see the bones just doesn’t seem normal, sorry!” Really? Really?

When news of the shaming hit the internet, Teigen jumped in at her defense:

Teigen is the mom friend you want. The one that has your back.

Put down your pitchforks, perfect parents of the internet. We’re all so sick of your shit.

Not sure if these two are good friends or what, but we need more of this — defending each other against this BS instead of letting it slide. We’re all doing our best. Imagine how incredibly hard it would be listen to these types of comments about your parenting? Some people say, “If you don’t want to hear negative comments, don’t put your picture on the internet!” But, really? Let’s stop excusing this shitty behavior and standing up for each other more.

That’s what a tribe does, whether we know each other personally or not.