Chrissy Teigen Visited A Haunted House And Prepare To Die Laughing

by Thea Glassman
Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube

Chrissy Teigen’s trip to a haunted house will have you laughing and screaming

What happens when you put Chrissy Teigen in a haunted house? A video that will make you laugh, jump, and start desperately counting down the days until Halloween. Seriously…bring on all the zombies…WE CAN TAKE IT.

It all started when Teigen agreed to go on a haunted house tour for The Ellen Show. She went along with Ellen producer Andy Lasser who doesn’t like to be scared. Not one bit. Unfortunately for him, the tour was pretty much a bloodbath.

Literally the second they walked into the building something jumped out at them. He hated it. She was amused. It only got worse from there.

Next, they entered a room filled with bloody mannequins. Welcome to your new nightmare. Turns out, some of those mannequins were real people who JUMPED out at the two. I would have already started to pee in my pants.

Literally NO PLACE was safe. You couldn’t even stop to casually take a look at a trash can. Definitely more peeing in our pants.

At one point Andy inexplicably fell into a dark hole. Chrissy was confused.

People just kept jumping out and nobody was taking it well. And, I mean, fair enough. This is truly a nightmare come to life.

Thankfully, there was a few spare seconds for some phallic humor. Anything to lighten the mood.

Just when they thought everything was safe, they ran into a woman who was getting her neck “sliced.” I hated it. Chrissy and Andy hated it. Some fake blood got into Andy’s eye. Are we almost done yet?

Nope. Not quite. There were a few more murderers who jumped out just for good measure. Andy was pretty over it, by this point.

And then FINALLY they were home free. Just look at that triumphant exit.

Actually, just kidding. They weren’t quite home free.

Has your blood pressure sufficiently risen? Have you decided to trust zero of the doors in your house anymore? Mission accomplished. Happy haunting everyone, from Chrissy, Andy, Ellen, and a whole bunch of murdering zombies.