Chrissy Teigen Responds To Fan Who Asked If She's Pregnant In The Best Way

by Cassandra Stone
Jamie McCarthy/Getty/Instagram

Nope, it’s actually never okay to ask any woman if she’s pregnant as a form of commentary on their bodies

Sigh. That’s really the only way to begin a story about people who can’t stop, won’t stop asking women if they’re pregnant based on absolutely no evidence. Luckily, Chrissy Teigen handled this question like a graceful queen when a fan rudely — perhaps unintentionally so, but still rude just the same — asked about a “baby bump” in one of her recent photos.

Teigen, who’s currently being fabulous in Italy with husband John Legend, daughter Luna, and son Miles, has been posting gorgeous photos of the family’s daily activities on her Instagram page.

In an adorable photo she shared yesterday of her and John, a fan decided to ask the dreaded “Baby bump?” question in the comments.

Like…where? Where is this “bump?” And why, why, WHY do people think it’s okay to ask this question ever? Sure, some people likely don’t mean anything malicious by it and are just asking. Or they think celebrities like Teigen will never see their comment. But the thing about intention and result is that they can wildly differ from one another.

Now, one thing we all love about Chrissy Teigen is how completely unafraid she is to be bold, hilarious, and confrontational (when the need arises — and when you’re a famous woman, it arises rather frequently). But she offered a very gracious response to the question, because even though it’s not at all what any woman wants to hear, ever (even if she is pregnant), she used it as a teachable moment.

Teigen has always been very open about using IVF to conceive Luna and Miles, so she knows a thing or two about trying to conceive. But so do millions of other women, who watch things like this and feel not only seen, but championed.

Saying “I’m not pregnant but would be happy if I were. But I’m also happy not to be!” is truly the perfect response, and plenty of women out there applauded her for it.

Earlier this week, Outlander star Caitriona Balfe also had to respond to overly reaching fans who asked if she was pregnant after she posted a photo with herself posing alongside co-star Sam Heughan (*dreamy sigh*).

The hashtag she used, #NotAllStomachsAreWashboards, immediately went viral and women everywhere shared empowering photos of their own stomachs. Because truly, it’s no one’s business unless we want it to be someone’s business.

For her part, Teigen is continuing to live her best life all over Europe and making us green with envy over her idyllic travels. And though she and Balfe have both been unnecessarily gracious in their responses to inappropriate questions — please, PLEASE stop asking them.