Internet Loses It Over Chrissy Teigen's 'Mini-John' In A Tux

by Thea Glassman
Image via Chrissy Teigen/Twitter

John Legend officially has a twin, and it’s his baby son Miles

In case you missed it, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had a baby named Miles and he looks exactly like John Legend. Like, a carbon copy. If you need photographic evidence, please consult this picture Teigen posted of their son modeling two different suits. The internet was convinced this was a Benjamin Button situation.

Teigen took to Twitter to ask her followers for some pint-sized fashion advice. “Okay guys. throwing john’s 40th birthday party tonight but need your help dressing mini-john,” she wrote. “Which one!”

She posted a picture of Miles in a black suit and a white suit, but the internet was too busy being completely flummoxed over how eerily similar the tiny child looks to his father. Because, I mean, c’mon:

People had jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

Also, there was just a general feeling of cuteness overload.

If you need a side-by-side comparison, I’ve got you. Prepare for a whole lot more mini-John Legend cuteness coming this way.

And the similarities go beyond looks. Teigen told E! News that Miles has a lot in common with his dad.

“Honestly, he loves the quiet moments,” she said. “He loves story time and Luna was just like a bull. From the moment she came out, you just knew exactly that she was going to be such a Luna — like just a nutcase. Miles is reserved — he’s just John. He’s like this cuddly, lovable little ball.”

A few more tidbits about Miles? His current interest is milk and he enjoys compliments. “He loves being told he’s handsome,” Teigen said. “He really lights up.”

Here’s hoping for more solid gold mini-Legend content to get us through the rest of winter.