Chrissy Teigen Shares Heartbreaking Mental Toll Of 'Pizzagate'

by Valerie Williams
Chrissy Teigen Shares Heartbreaking Mental Toll Of 'Pizzagate Insanity'
Frazer Harrison/Getty and Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen has been the target of gross “Pizzagate” conspiracy theories and it’s taking a toll on her mental health

Chrissy Teigen is famously open on social media about her entire life — her pregnancies, marriage, and mental health are all topics she’s talked freely about with fans. In that same vein, she’s being candid about the mental toll the “pizzagate insanity,” aka, far-right trolls pushing insane conspiracy theories about her, has taken. As it turns out, being rich and famous doesn’t insulate you from being incredibly (and rightfully) hurt by cruel trolls accusing you of horrid things you haven’t done.

“I did this cover a couple days out of surgery, the one I was pregnant for all along,” she writes. “I was so so so scared the aggression on my body took a toll on the baby and just mentally came to terms with it ‘not working out’. It had never worked out naturally before so for sure it wouldn’t now! On top of that, I was struggling hard with some deep dark internet/real life days.”


ICYMI, for years Teigen and Legend have been the targets of incredibly bizarre and fully unsubstantiated allegations of Jeffrey Epstein ties, pedophilia, and sex trafficking. The bonkers conspiracy theories have gained even more traction recently due to amplification by the far-right conspiracy group QAnon. That means Teigen’s social accounts have been under attack with people leaving gross accusations or even a string of pizza emojis in the comments. She says she’s blocked more than 1 million Twitter accounts with Twitter banning more than 7,000 QAnon accounts. The whole thing is beyond weird and clearly, extremely hurtful for their family.

Teigen says as much in her heartbreaking post. “I have lived a life begging for people to like me and think I’m cool and funny and their friend, and bam, it felt like everyone fucking hated me,” she says, referring to the onslaught of trolls targeting her. “I couldn’t do anything right, say anything right. I couldn’t leave cute comments on my friend’s pages knowing they’d be flooded with pizzagate insanity.”


She says that her fan pages asked her if she “still wanted to be talked about even though the comments would be super hurtful.” Teigen calls the whole thing “stupid” and acknowledges that “there is so much worse in the world” but that doesn’t really matter when it’s your family being targeted by lunatics. She says that “aside from the world sucking, my little world sucked too.”

“Making people happy is my entire life,” she writes. “There is nothing else I wanna do. I guess I’ve come to terms with the fact not everyone is going to like me, and even though I still VERY MUCH DO NOT LIKE THAT, i can live with it.”

Teigen wraps her post by showing love to those who have supported her through these dark and difficult months. “I love you guys a lot and have ohhhhh so appreciated the support the past few months. Now you know what it meant to me!”