Chrissy Teigen's Latest Baby Bump Pic Reminds Us Why We All Want To Be Her BFF

by Ashley Austrew

Chrissy Teigen gets real about nurseries and “the belly pose” in her latest shoot for InStyle Australia.

Since Chrissy Teigen announced her pregnancy in October, she’s kept us all laughing with her hilarious insights into the world of baby-making and motherhood. Recently, the supermodel scored the cover of InStyle Australia‘s February issue, and she used the interview and accompanying photos as an excuse to get even more candid about being pregnant.

Teigen announced her cover to the world in an Instagram post, where she shared a photo from the magazine and poked fun at herself for using the signature “holding the belly” pose that so many expectant moms strike in pictures. “I know I made fun of preggos who hold their bellies too,” she quipped, “but it’s basically the universal language for ‘this isn’t solely hamburgers.'”

In the interview with the magazine, she opened up about choosing a baby name and getting things ready for her new arrival, but not quite in the way you’d expect. “We change the name like every day, basically,” she revealed — a struggle to which many of us can relate. Most of my friends had their kids named as soon as they found out the sex. Meanwhile, I was still carrying around a list of 37 options in month nine. I feel you, Chrissy.

Teigen also talked about putting together a nursery, but revealed that she basically thinks nurseries are a bunch of bullshit. “Nurseries have always been silly to me,” she told the magazine. “Everyone always wants them to be so beautiful and so perfect, but this thing is just going to barf everywhere and poop everywhere.” At least we know she’s got her expectations for new motherhood in check.

The great thing about Chrissy Teigen is that she doesn’t let celebrity or the pressure to uphold an image get in the way of saying what she really thinks. She’s opened up about her struggles with infertility, she’s fired back at haters who try to shame her for eating what she wants while she’s pregnant, and she’s even publicly taken on people who comment on her body. Not only is her openness refreshing and often hilarious, it’s really damn important.

So often, pregnant celebrities act like everything about motherhood is beautiful and whimsical, but the truth is, it’s not always a bed of roses. Some things about pregnancy are just downright uncomfortable and ridiculous. Teigen’s willingness to laugh at herself, open about the shitty parts, and hold nothing back gives other women someone to which they can relate. It also challenges the obnoxious expectation that moms should “cherish every moment” and ridiculous ritual that comes along with growing another human.

In short, Chrissy Teigen is the BFF we all wish we had, and it’s awesome that she’s in the public eye so we can all crack up at her clever jokes and pretend she’s a part of our mom squad.

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