Breastfeeding Moms Will Relate To Chrissy Teigen's Splash Mountain Pic

by Valerie Williams
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Chrissy Teigen is every breastfeeding mom on a roller coaster

Weird and uncomfortable things happen to your boobs when you’re a nursing mom, and sometimes, you just have to laugh. Chrissy Teigen did just that when she shared a hilarious Instagram snap from what she probably thought would be a free and breezy trip down a roller coaster. But she clearly had no idea what it means to be a breastfeeding mom on a roller coaster.

That shit is not free. Or breezy.

Continuing in her apparent quest to be both the funniest and most relatable celebrity mom of all time, Teigen posted a photo of herself at Disneyland yesterday careening down what looks like Splash Mountain. Mom to infant daughter Luna, Teigen has been pretty open about her breastfeeding journey. That now includes an amazing picture of her grasping her tatas for dear life on a speeding roller coaster.

Captioned simply, “MY MILK,” the photo shows Teigen sitting behind husband John Legend and in front of a few other lucky Splash Mountain riders with the nursing mom holding on to those boobies and probably praying she doesn’t splash her husband with a wily stream of breast milk. And any breastfeeding mom seeing this caption is all, “say no more, fam.” We get you, Chrissy. Clutching my boobs in solidarity with you right now.

The best part is she likely had no idea the photo was being taken at that moment, since it was from the roller coaster’s camera that shoots souvenir photos you can look at after the ride. Her face is about as real as it gets for a woman realizing her milk is letting down in public and her baby is nowhere to be seen.

Like most breastfeeding moms, Teigen was probably experiencing painful boobs from the jolting movements of the roller coaster and from the looks of that caption, leaking as well. A mom’s letdown can be triggered by any number of things, and obviously, this got her milk flowing.

When I nursed my son, I had a few moments where I was very glad that I stubbornly clung to wearing nursing pads for at least half a year, despite my supply being pretty regular. Sometimes, I’d be at the gym and my milk would randomly flow without warning and that panic that someone might see the telltale circles on my shirt was the worst. It makes me wonder if Teigen had pads in or if she decided to go nuts and leave them out this time. If it’s the latter, she probably had major regrets. At least she was wearing black?

We’re so glad Teigen shares these moments with the world, because unlike a lot of celebrity moms who carefully curate what the public sees, she shows a side of motherhood most of us are actually familiar with. We’ve come to eagerly anticipate her little dispatches from mommyland because they sound so much like our own. Keeping it real and funny, which is why we love her.

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