Chrissy Teigen Just Had The Princess-Themed Baby Shower Of Your Dreams

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend threw a princess-themed baby shower for their new daughter

Chrissy Teigen is arguably the world’s most popular expectant mom, so it should come as no surprise that she also had the world’s most enviable baby shower. Over the weekend, Teigen and husband John Legend met up with friends at Material Good, a chic party space in Manhattan, and celebrated the impending arrival of their baby girl with a shower fit for a queen.

Both Teigen and John Legend took to Instagram to share photos from their big event. The party — a multi-course luncheon — included bejeweled crowns, gorgeously decorated cookies, tons of swag, and elegant place settings.

Teigen looked effortlessly chic, as usual, wearing a gorgeous white dress and a trench coat we seriously want to borrow. She also rocked a paper crown identifying her as the “Baby Mama” — you know, in case there was any confusion.

John Legend got in on the action, donning his own custom “Baby Daddy” crown. Behind him, you can see other guests have crowns too. Maybe they each got to make their own, which is a way more fun shower activity than guessing the mom’s belly size or sniffing chocolate bars melted inside diapers. Sorry — it just is.

Chrissy also shared a photo of her and John looking totally loved up because not only is her life the definition of pregnancy goals and baby shower goals, but also of relationship goals.

Could these two be any cuter? The answer is no. It’s impossible.

Teigen is due sometime next month, but so far she seems to be taking any new baby jitters in stride. In appearance on The Late Show last week, she joked about getting President Obama’s seal of approval on her baby name and brushed off ridiculous criticisms of her decision to implant a female embryo during her IVF treatments. She even told US Weekly last month that while she’s a ball of nerves about most things, pregnancy has actually kept her very relaxed.

“We’re pretty mellow with it,” Teigen said. “I’m pretty anxious normally with most things in life [and work], but with this, we’re very calm and we feel very ready, despite having not really done anything… I think for the most part, we’re very lucky to have my mom and his mom with us during the summer, so we’ll learn as we go, just like with anything else.”

That calm demeanor definitely showed at Teigen’s baby shower, and it’s a part of the reason fans and the media are so invested in her pregnancy. It’s refreshing to see someone who’s so relaxed about new motherhood and who seems to be truly embracing whatever ups and downs she faces along the way. Teigen is that laid-back, no-bullshit mom friend we all wish we had, and we’re totally jealous of anyone who scored an invite to her gorgeous shower.

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