Chrissy Teigen Trolls John Legend For Going Back To Work ‘Too Soon’ After Baby

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Steve Granitz/Getty Images/Chrissy Teigen/Twitter

Teigen hilariously tweets at husband John Legend during the BBMA’s

New mom Chrissy Teigen just gave birth to baby boy Miles less than a week ago, and while she and husband John Legend have likely enjoyed newborn snuggles since, last night, he had to go back to work. The singer/songwriter performed during last night’s Billboard Music Awards — and Teigen shamelessly trolled him for it.

It all started with a tweet about dinner and as only Chrissy Teigen would do, she’s whipping up short ribs while caring for a newborn and a toddler, because she’s a badass. “Hello its short rib night be home by 9,” she tweeted during her husband’s Billboards performance.

Then big sis Luna got into the action, er, inaction, looking less than impressed with her dad’s performance. Teigen shows the tot in a fairly comatose state while the award show flashes a picture of her new brother on the screen. “She is uhhhh not thrilled with this tribute,” she joked.

The mom of two then trolled her husband (and all the opinionated folks who judge new parents) with this next gem:

Teigen was taking an expert-level dig at the many Judgey McJudgerson’s who felt it necessary to comment when she and Legend went on a baby-free date night after she had Luna. And it is funny when we turn the narrative around on dads who never, ever get shit for leaving their babies right after they’re born to return to work or whatever else they have going on. Men are parents too, but are never shamed the way moms are for decisions surrounding their children. We moms are expected to participate constantly in our kids’ lives and if we don’t, we’re gonna hear about it.

Of course the good people of Twitter saw what she did there:

Teigen kept it real during her pregnancy by falling asleep during the Oscars (because, pregnancy) and admitting baby Miles was “sucking the life out of her,” and it seems we’re in for even more realness now that the baby has arrived and the family is juggling an infant and a toddler. We’re all here for the hospital panties Chrissy, and we salute you.

Lucky for Legend, it looks like he made it home in time for dinner. Here’s hoping he offered to “babysit” his own kid so the new mom could get some well-deserved rest.

Man, we love these two.

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