Parents Are Lining Up To Respond To Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About Toddlers

by Christine Organ
Image via Twitter

Because the madness never ends, and every age is hard AF

Chrissy Teigen is known for her sharp wit, cutting humor, and totally relatable parenting posts. She recently shared another one of her gems when she spoke truth to the horror that is toddlerhood, tweeting “I have discovered a mother’s favorite thing to say: ‘it’s not terrible twos it’s terrible THREEs.'” And then she adds a maniacal “ahahahahah,” because yes, the madness that comes with parenting a two-year-old (and then a three-year-old, and a four-year-old and so on) really does drive a person to the brink.

She quickly followed it up her first tweet, with another one to show just how frustrating parenting toddlers can be:

Because just when a parent thinks they see the light at the end of long and maddening tunnel that is the Terrible Twos, a three-year-old comes along and says “hold my sippy cup.” Teigen’s tweet was followed with a string of relatable responses about the brutality that is parenting toddlers…and preschoolers…and tweens…and teens….

And after surviving life with threenagers, come the fucking fours…

Then the fuckery fives…

And the sucky sixes and sevens.

There is the proverbial “sweet spot” that lasts for a hot minute.

But that’s followed very quickly by the tween and teen years.

Because the truth is, every age is hard AF. All parenting phases are equal parts awesome and awful, and apparently the drama just never — ever — ends.

That’s parenting for you. Whether you’re dealing with a terrible 2-year-old, a feisty 4-year-old, or a sassy 16-year-old, it can all be challenging sometimes. Just when we think we’ve got the hang of it — bam! — our kids decide to throw us another curve ball. All we can do is laugh when we can, cry when we need to, and help each other through it all.

Um…yes please? Who couldn’t use an emergency hug now and then?

Perhaps the best response, though, is the simple statement we all want to hear: “It gets better.”

Except that there’s also this:

Ain’t that the truth? Solidarity, parents. It’s all hard, and we’re rooting for you.