Woman Responds To Body-Shaming Troll With A Giant Burrito Selfie, As She Should

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Woman responds to body-shaming troll in a glorious way

The nightmare that is online dating just keeps resurfacing. Last week it was this complete crazy person who thought endlessly harassing a woman and implying she was stupid was some kind of foreplay. This week, a viral story resurfaced about another nightmare encounter — and may I be the first to say, “Ladies, I’m sorry you have to deal with this crap.”

A man met Christina Topacio, Marketing Director for BeautyCon LA, online and began showering her with compliments. Then, their interactions took a very weird turn. This text exchange is basically the definition of a “backhanded compliment.”

She should’ve just responded “NO” here, but then we wouldn’t have this epic exchange to marvel at. But a good rule of thumb (for all clueless men on dating sites out there) if you are about to say a thing that you think will upset someone so much that they may “never wanna talk to you again,” maybe don’t say that thing. Not every thought has to be an actual sentence that comes out of your mouth.

“I’m only telling you this because I want to effect a change.”

Yeah. This dude is really missing his calling. He should definitely be a self-help guru. “Douchebag Bro” is astonishingly absent from that market. Who needs Deepak Chopra when you can have this asshole?

“Maybe I’m a self important jerk off who’s thinking my thoughts should matter.” Well — at least he has some self-awareness.

Who? What? Why? How? So many questions. Does a man like this actually think this is an appropriate way to court a woman? Step 1 – Compliment. Step 2 – Attempt to destroy self-esteem. Step 3 – Act like you’re doing her a favor.

Thankfully, our bold heroine was not having any of this. Her response was epic:

Giant Chipotle burrito bowl, for the win.

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