Christmas Surprise For Professor From Students Will Make You Cry

A Professor Told Her Class Christmas Is Hard For Her And They Surprised Her In The Best Way

Images via @belindaramirezz / Twitter

What these kids did for their professor is in the true spirit of Christmas

Getting caught up in the spirit of Christmas, it can be easy to forget that the holidays are not an easy time for everyone. Professor Wharton (who didn’t want reporters using her full name) teaches dual-enrollment English at a Texas high school, and she is one of those people.

Wharton made a “casual comment” to her class that the holidays are “difficult for her” because most of her immediate family has passed away. Both her parents and her only sibling have died. She has some cousins, but said she’s not close with them.

So her teenage class organized a sweet surprise that’s now going viral. On the last day of class before the holiday break, they got a counselor to distract Wharton outside the room while they covered her desk with gifts. Many of the gifts were personalized, or horse-themed, since the class knew Wharton loved horses. One student filmed her reaction when she entered the classroom and saw what the kids had done. The video will definitely bring tears to your eyes.