Hide Your Wallets -- You Can Now Rent Cinderella Carriages For Disney

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram

Get your royal wave down pat, because you can’t not wave like the Queen in one of these

Hey Disney-bound parents, in case you were looking for another expensive, pain-in-the-ass thing for your kids to want during your upcoming trip, you’re in luck! Behold the princess carriage stroller, also known as the world’s most ostentatious way to cart your tired, hungry, sweaty kids around a massive amusement park.

A new company based in Florida, Princess Carriage Rentals, offers strollers for rent that look like miniature versions of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage. And you know what? It’s a fun idea. From a kid’s perspective, it freaking rules. You get to be carted around the most magical place on earth like an honest-to-God royal, complete with a tufted cushion seat and elaborate metalwork. It’s totally legit and offers the perfect environment to practice that hand-cupped wave as you smile down on your peers as they’re dragged around in regular strollers or leashed to their parents.

From Mom and Dad’s perspective? Ehh. For a mere $299, you get to push a gigantic, round, iron-y thing in the scorching Florida sun that is probably more awkward to maneuver around than a shop vac. All while hearing every child you pass wail to their parents about not getting their own Princess Carriage Stroller Of Awesomeness. Good times!

If this looks like something that may tickle your fancy–and boy, is it fancy–here’s what happens when you decide to part ways with three hundred dollars to rent this stroller: “After the elegant rental stroller is presented at guests’ hotel resorts with an official red carpet unveiling, its honorable passengers are handed a red rose and whisked away by private car to the Magic Kingdom as a soundtrack of fairy-tale music plays,” the company’s website states.

So you’re paying for a full-on experience. There’s “whisking” and red roses and carpets and music involved, for Pete’s sake! The idea itself is cute and the stroller very pretty. Plus the whole thing provides plenty of parents with two benefits: 1. Getting your kid to think you’re awesome for letting them live out a Disney dream come true; and 2.) The perfect photo op.

But for $299? Yikes.