Who Can Get Their Husband To Wear A Man Bun? Anyone?

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Blue Crate

You can now buy a clip-on man bun

Us girls do an awful lot of ridiculous crap in the name of youth and beauty, right? Like, I sit around on Saturday nights looking like some kind of demon in a dark green face mask. I spend one million hours per year shaving, plucking, dyeing, makeup-ing, blowdrying, moisturizing, and pedicuring.

Now the idea of a dude clipping a pretend man bun to his head doesn’t sound so ridiculous, does it?

Thankfully, I’m not just a dreamer — this is actually a thing you can buy and subtly suggest your partner give a whirl. Check it out. I’m weirdly mesmerized.

In case your husband can’t reach douche nirvana on his own follicular abilities, the clip-on man bun is here to save the day. It looks like he does need a wee bit of his own growth for the fake bun to attach, but let’s not focus on the nitty-gritty right now. Clip-on man buns exist and frankly, that’s enough for me to take this and run with it.

It comes in three colors: blonde, black, or brown. They look like weirdly smooth bird nests TBH.

Image via Blue Crate

Image via Blue Crate

If your guy wants to change his look in a flash, the clip-on man bun is here for it.

Image via Blue Crate

Go from casual to douche-casual in the blink of an eye. Be warned, though — once the man bun is affixed, your dude might launch into a long mansplain and ask if you want to go grab some kombucha.

Image via Blue Crate

The best part? They’re only $7.99 each. With a price that reasonable, he could have a man bun at home and at the office.

Another thought? If the love of your life is already sporting a messy top knot of his own browth (bro growth, get it? I’m here all week) but it’s kinda thin, these faux locks could be just the confidence (and volume!) booster he needs. If women can wear hair extensions, it’s only fair. Now go place an order and enjoy your hipster husband.

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