These Coffee Mugs Say What You're Thinking, So You Don't Have To

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There are a lot of people out there making life more complicated than it needs to be, but you can’t just yell, “Get your shit together, Janet!” every time you bump into one of them, because social etiquette. So instead, we bite our tongues and sip our tea (or coffee) like Kermit the Frog.

Fortunately for us, these on-point coffee mugs let you send a message without ever opening your mouth. Here are 18 mugs that let the world know exactly how you’re feeling.

1. Shuh Duh Fuh Cup


Too early for all those words, Janet. Too early.

2. “Target” Mug


The closest thing to heaven on earth. Besides our kids and families, and stuff.

3. “Two Moods” Mug


Are you sure you really want to roll those dice?

4. “For Fox Sake” Mug


Quality Logo Products, Inc.

What? It’s just a super-cute fox mug.

5. “Kung-Fu Fighting” Mug


Don’t act like you don’t think about things like this when you’re supposed to be paying attention in a meeting.

6. “Start Working” Mug


This coffee ain’t workin’ yet, so neither are we. Just sayin’.

7. “One Cat Short” Mug


Don’t come to us later acting like no one told you. It says so right there on the mug.

8. “Messy Bun” Mug


It’s in your best interest to just stay out of the way.

9. “Hint of Kanye” Mug


Honestly, that’s probably still too much.

10. “Boss Lady” Mug


So, no, we don’t have a free night until sometime in 2024.

11. “Morning People” Mug


Just wanted you to know where you stand, Janet.

12. “Taco” Mug


In a committed relationship with tacos.

13. “Probably Whiskey” Mug


Might be. Could also be wine. Hard to say.

14. “Kitten Me” Mug

Kitten Me Mug

Hey guys, look at this punny mug!

15. “Coffee and Dogs” Mug


Yeah, that basically sums it up.

16. “Like to Party” Mug


Don’t threaten me with a good time, I’m a wild animal.

17. “Coffee and Maybe Three People” Mug


Oh, and tacos. We like those too.

18. “Shhh” Mug


Quality Logo Products, Inc.

Careful, though, it’s still risky until the second cup.

Anyone else dying to take a few of these to the office? Just us? Whether you put these mugs in your cabinet, or carry them proudly into the next staff meeting, they are sure to bring you almost as much joy as the coffee they hold.

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