Yes, Mom, You Will Survive Your Colicky Baby. Here’s What’s Waiting For You On The Other Side.

by Team Scary Mommy
Tuan Tran / Getty Images

Hey moms, we get it. This isn’t how you thought motherhood would be. You knew there’d be crying, but you didn’t know about colic crying. Not the same, AT ALL. Regular babies and colic babies are nothing alike, and yes, you are in fact allowed to glare daggers at every mom you see who says something like, “She’s already sleeping through the night!” about their 8-week-old.

Babies with colic can be the absolute worst. And it’s not even about the lack of sleep and the endless crying. The worst part of having a baby with colic is the helplessness you feel because nothing seems to help. It makes you feel like you’re already a #MomFail and you haven’t even started yet.

I get it. But here’s the GREAT news. While right now you probably feel like this:


Here’s everything you have to look forward to post-colic:

Sexy, Sexy SLEEP


We’re talking three, maybe even four, hours at a time. Sweeeeeet.

Binging On Your Shows


Sometimes even TWO episodes. You’ll be living the dream, mom.

Lather, Rinse, and Even Repeat


Remember when you smelled clean? Good times. Soon you’ll get to take a luxurious 8–10 minute shower. Like, you could shave BOTH legs in that time!

Not Hating Your Spouse


We know, they didn’t do enough. Shhh. It will all be better soon.

Eating a Meal Like a Normal Person


Remember when you used BOTH hands to eat? It will happen again. You might even be able to eat out!

Actually Leaving the House and Feeling the Sun Again


It might only be just to get more diapers, but you will go outside again and feel the breeze wafting through your clean, shiny hair. We promise, mom. It’s gonna happen.

Because colic typically ends by 12 to 16 weeks. So there is a light at the end of this long, exhausting tunnel. We’re waiting for you to meet us for coffee. Because you’ll be able to do that too.

You got this!

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