Graduating Mom Shows How Multitasking Is Done

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Mom breastfeeds during her college graduation ceremony

Last week, Amber Bowers graduated from Clary Sage College for massage therapy. She almost didn’t attend her graduation, because her baby girl Luna hadn’t started taking bottles yet and she wasn’t sure she could be away from her for the whole ceremony.

Fortunately, she got the okay for her infant to be in the ceremony with her — the only stipulation was that she could not bring her onstage. She shared an image from the event with the Facebook community, Breastfeeding Mama Talk:

“To me, this is just what you do as a mother,” she told the Facebook community in the post. “I didn’t feel like I was doing anything out of the norm, but as I was walking around backstage before the ceremony I started to get compliments as well as eye rolls from people who saw me nursing Luna.”

Why on earth would such a bad-ass multi-tasker get eye rolls? Fortunately, the good feedback outweighed the bad that day, and continues to online. People are being overwhelmingly supportive of the image, as they should.

“Right before I was heading to the main floor, a few women were gushing over the sight of me nursing her and snapped a photo of me. I didn’t really think anything of it, and just enjoyed Luna snuggles as I watched the ceremony begin. I was just reflecting on my time in class and just how thankful I was to have the support system I do, to be able to be there that night,” she said.

There should be nothing but complete support for a mother of three who manages to do all the work necessary to get her degree. “That’s what it’s all about! Uplifting and supporting one another,” Bowers told the Huffington Post. “It’s a shame that so many women are made to feel uncomfortable doing what is natural.”

It is a shame, but if the reaction to this photo is any indication, times are changing. “During the ceremony, I received texts and notifications that someone had posted the photo in a local mom group as well as on their page! I was blown away by the kind words, I instantly started receiving and have not stopped receiving since that evening,” Bowers said.


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