Colton Underwood Thinks Period Underwear Are 'So Gross' And Women Had THOUGHTS

by Thea Glassman
Image via Noel Vasquez/Getty

Colton Underwood is grossed out by period underwear and women on Twitter are not having it

Colton Underwood, as ABC has REPEATEDLY reminded us, was this season’s virgin bachelor. He may have found love and (possibly) first-time sex by the end of the show but that doesn’t mean he has a firm grasp on women’s bodies. Namely, he reacted like a grossed out 12-year-old when he found out that women have period underwear. As in, the underwear that get blood stained every month so you just save them exactly for that occasion.

Prepare to roll your eyes allll the way to the back of your head.

Alright, first things first. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume we all own period underwear. Because sometimes you didn’t expect your period, sometimes you leak, and sometimes shit just gets a little messy. Are we supposed to get rid of every pair that gets slightly tarnished during that time of the month? Nope. Not how that works.

Anyway, Underwood appeared on the show LadyGang last week and co-host Keltie Knight asked:”If you’re married to me, do you notice if I’m wearing a cute underwear, or, like, a period underwear?”

Underwood was completely taken aback. Co-host Becca Tobin broke it down for him, explaining that “girls have special underwear that’s designated for your time of the month.”

The former Bachelor was still pretty baffled. “You keep them around? Go buy new underwear!” he said. “Throw them away. I, as a husband and a boyfriend, will go buy you new underwear. That is so gross.”

He went on to compare getting period blood in your underwear to going to the bathroom in your underwear. “If you shit your pants, are you just going to just wash them?” he said. “No, you’re throwing them away.” YUP, he literally put period blood in the exact same realm as fecal matter.

The hosts of LadyGang tried to explain why Underwood’s hot take on period underwear was… terrible. Jac Vanek said that throwing out every pair of underwear that gets some blood on it is “wasteful.” Knight added: “It’s not shit — it’s flesh of my womb.”

Women of Twitter weighed in on the former Bachelor’s comments, explaining that he needs to grow up big time when it comes to periods. And, like, maybe talk to any woman in his life about her cycle to understand that leaks happen and it’s not gross.

Others pointed out that it’s pretty classist to assume women can afford to buy new underwear every single time they leak from their period.

Meanwhile, Underwood seems pretty happy in his new relationship post-show and will hopefully learn along the way that period leaks are normal, not gross, and every woman owns a raggedy old pair of tarnished underwear or three.

PSA to men everywhere. Our cycles are normal, natural, and can get kinda messy. Ain’t no shame in the period game.