Comedian's Video About Bedtime With A Toddler Will Make You Feel Seen

by Cassandra Stone
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The Johnson Files/Instagram

If you’ve got a little kid who likes to delay bedtime as long as possible, this comedian’s video is for you

“What is lava made from?” “Why do we have butt cracks?” “I had a booger, but I got it out and I just wanted to tell you.” If you have a toddler or young child, then you’ve probably heard some variation of the above while you’re desperately trying to get them to go to sleep. One comedian’s video impersonation of this daily tête-à-tête is going viral because, well, you’ve just gotta see for yourself. And laugh.

Comedian Shaun Johnson’s “Bedtime Excuses” video is making parents everywhere nod and chuckle — and it’s not hard to see why.

Playing every beleaguered mom there ever was, Johnson asks the toddler version of himself, “Why are you out of bed?”

The familiar answer? “I can’t sleep.” Though it’s definitely past the kid’s bedtime, that doesn’t stop The Asking Of The Questions or the Telling Of The Things. You know, like “I was scared but I’m not scared anymore” and whether “they’re” going to impeach Trump. “I think I was sleepwalking” is also a good one. LOL.

“I was in bed and one of my socks was itching so I came down to let you know one of my socks was itching” is probably the most spot-on part of the entire video. If it’s bedtime and your small child is even the tiniest bit uncomfortable (for my four-year-old, it comes down to wedgies and boogers in her nose), you will hear about it.

Even if you’re not expected to fix it, you will still hear about their sudden “problem” and how they solved it. Repeatedly, until the end of time. Or at least until they’re old enough to love and covet sleep the way nature intended.

This video is every bit as good as comedian Trey Kennedy‘s “Middle Schoolers” parody. Because while the toddler phase may be tough, the tweens are every bit as draining (even if they sleep like angels).

If nothing else, it’s nice to know that we’re all in solidarity with the thousands of parents who watch these videos and can commiserate about our stubborn-but-lovable kiddos. So maybe the next time we’re tucking our little ones in for the millionth time in one night or when our 12-year-olds come home from school with drama and attitude, we’ll think of these videos and smile. While pouring a glass of wine, to be sure, but with a fond smile for the kids who drive us crazy.

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