The Comments On This Bodysuit Ad Are Comedy Gold

by Julie Scagell
Image via Facebook/HolyFlaps

Is it possible she’s accidentally wearing it backwards?

We all know models are photoshopped from time to time (ahem) when selling clothing online and in magazines. A quick nip here and a tuck there and suddenly every outfit looks like it was made for them. Unfortunately for this bodysuit (and model), they seem to have nipped out a pretty common area that women have — the labia.

UK shopping and entertainment site, Holy Flaps, found a clothing item (which is really just a rubber band with sleeves) sold by retail site BooHoo and had some questions. Firstly, “where do my flaps go pls” and secondly, “who in the holy shit would be able to wear this?” Actually, that last question was mine.

The comments were swift and left everyone wondering who and where — as in “who would want a G-string up their tasty bits” and “where did said bits go on the model pictured.”

For those unaware, “fanny” is the British term for vagina. My British husband (after spitting a drink across the room) informed after I used “fanny pack” in a sentence the first time.

According to their website, Boohoo is “a global brand that doesn’t sleep” promises to “always bringing something new with over 100 new products dropping on the daily, bringing you the latest looks for less.” The word “less” seems of utmost importance, here.

Though Boohoo does have some cute stuff, I’m obviously too old to shop here. One of the occasions shoppers can narrow their search by is “festival,” which pretty much told me all I needed. I’ll see myself out.

This bodysuit isn’t the first to give us all a skewed view of our nether region. Not long ago, a retail store advertised a “barely there” swimsuit which left everyone wondering, “who stole her labia(s).” At least with a bodysuit, you can cover than shit up. A bathing suit leaves no, and I mean no, room for error.

But also, a bodysuit? Flaps or not, who would want a bodysuit so thin you be constantly arranging (and rearranging) your schmuff all the live long day? We’re better than that, ladies. We’re not men.

Also, the entire point of a bodysuit is ease of use. Once you slip it on (or button up the crotch if I’m aging myself), there shouldn’t be thought given. It takes the place of having to worry about tucking in your shirt the entire day. Unfortunately ,with this number, you’d be tucking in a lot more than your shirt.

But listen, if this is your jam, go for it. Far be it for a thin piece of fabric to stand in the way of fashion. As one commenter said above, “jam out with your clam out,” and don’t apologize to anyone.