These Common Vagina Problems Are Totally Normal

by Karen Johnson
Originally Published: 

The vagina is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? I’m sure grateful I walk around with one of these instead of an awkward appendage hanging off the front of me that can get smashed by any three-year-old tearing by. But as much as we love our female bits, they can be moody at times—sometimes itchy, sometimes stinky. On the worst days, both. And throw in the joy of unexplained discharge, and, well, you’re practically a chemist by the time you’re 25.

Dryness, for example, is common, often hormonal (or a result of your man’s rank ass breath or him forgetting to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, but whatever) and basically, you just need lube. (In fact, lube is the answer to more than one problem.)

Other issues include bumps and lumps and pain during sex. (That last one can result from “girthiness,” and again, can be helped with a little “slippery slide.”) And did you know you shouldn’t keep your razor in the shower? I didn’t — until now.

And although many of these vagina problems are normal, that doesn’t make them any less annoying. But have no fear. Madge the Vag is here, along with Dr. Ruth Tessler, OBGYN, to help us with some common vagina issues.

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