'Company's Coming!' Hilarious Housecleaning Parody Reminds Us To Calm The Hell Down

by Valerie Williams
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You know you’ve been there. People are coming over. You’re trying to get the house spotless, better than it’s ever looked before. You’ve enlisted your husband and kids and won’t let anyone rest until each surface gleams and all evidence that people actually live in your home is hidden. Naturally, this isn’t realistic and a house with a family living inside of it can only ever get so clean, but this hilarious viral video perfectly captures that ridiculous mania that we all feel when getting the house ready for company to come.

Comedian Chris Fleming stars in his own parody YouTube series as Gayle Waters-Waters, an ultra-competitive housewife gone mad. In the latest installment, titled “Company Is Coming”, Waters is on the ultimate mission is to get the house clean before people come over. Check this out and prepare to laugh until you cry:

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Some choice quotes from this hilarious masterpiece that highlight exactly what Fleming is mocking:

“I want this place looking like Disney On Ice in one minute!”

“If you haven’t made your bed, throw it away! It’s too late to make it now!”

“Get rid of the couches! We can’t let people know we SIT!”

“There cannot be any sign of LIVING in this house!”

“I want this place looking like a new Mediterranean fusion restaurant by noon!”

This is obviously satire and it’s fun to watch, but it struck a chord, right? Even if it isn’t how you handle impending house guests, maybe it sounds like your mother. I know it sounds like mine! I always remember wondering as a kid why our house had to look like this immaculate space; like a museum where no one touched anything. Even then I knew deep down how silly it was to try to maintain the illusion of perfection for other humans who also have houses with clutter and mess. Yet, I still find myself doing a slightly less hysterical version of Fleming’s character when I host people at my house.

It’s totally normal to want your home to be in much better shape for company than it is on a day-to-day basis, but why drive ourselves crazy for it? With the holidays coming, I’m sure we will all have moments like this video parodies insisting our kids tidy their rooms and splitting the heavy chores with our partners until the house looks like a showroom. But, why? Why make ourselves harried wrecks just to prove to other people that we have our shit together?

I say this is the season where we get a grip and take a step back. We need to keep in mind that no one coming to visit expects a scene reminiscent of a Mediterranean fusion restaurant when coming to our house for a holiday dinner. So there’s a little clutter. Maybe that means you got to read a few chapters of a book or watch a favorite TV show instead. With everything else going on this time of year, we need to factor in a little downtime too. Let’s give ourselves permission to not be perfect so maybe this holiday season won’t be as stressful as the last. I know I’m going to.

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