Office Hilariously Trolls Pen Company After Receiving 'For Her' Samples

by Ashley Austrew
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A UK company’s funny post mocking BIC “For Her” Pens is going viral

Remember when BIC introduced their pens “For Her” a few years ago? They came in pink and purple and were supposedly designed to “fit comfortably in the hands of a woman” because regular pens are just too much for our dainty lady fingers to handle. Yeah, well, those pens still exist, and they’re the reason BIC got righteously trolled after a UK company got some lady-pen samples to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The folks who work at British smoothie company Innocent received a few boxes of the pens yesterday, and took to social media to share their hilarious first impressions. In a photo on Facebook, three female employees hold up signs that say things like, “Watch out, Shakespeare,” and, “I wrote this all by myself.” Meanwhile, a man just holds a page full of scribbles — you know, because the pens are for ladies only.

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The post quickly went viral, amassing 22,000 likes and over 7,000 shares. Tons of hilarious people also added their own jokes, and the company wrote equally funny responses, resulting in one of the best comment threads on the internet:

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In case those aren’t funny enough, you can also go to Amazon and read the hilarious reviews. The only way they could possibly get better is if they were handwritten in slender, pink and purple lady pens.

I’m sure BIC wasn’t expecting their product to turn into a punchline, but you can hardly blame people for pointing out the obvious absurdity in inventing a pen specifically for women. Last time I checked, women don’t write with their vaginas. Our means of putting pen to paper aren’t so vastly different from the men-folk that we need custom writing utensils. And, why must they be pink and purple? Can women only see in shades of lavender and rose?

It’s cool that BIC wants to celebrate the ladies, but maybe they could do it by drawing attention to famous female writers or women who’ve changed the face of the business world that relies so heavily on their products. Women have enough shit to deal with. The last thing we want to see on International Women’s Day — or most other days — is a pen that’s an embodiment of basically every female stereotype we’re trying to eliminate.

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