Moms Confess About Catching Lying Husbands And Yikes

by Cassandra Stone
Peter Dazeley/Getty

Liar, liar, pants on fire…these husbands have some explaining to do!

Everyone lies. It’s just part of human nature. Now, lying about who ate the last cupcake is a hell of a lot different than lying about flirting with a co-worker. Little white lies, like “Of course not” when your spouse asks you if their outfit looks bad, are harmless (and sometimes even helpful).

But the big lies, the real humdingers, the ones that make you gasp while your eyeballs gouge out of your head…well, those are a different breed altogether. And big or small, often or rarely, harmless or harmful, these moms are absolutely not here for any of it.

The thing about lying is, once you start, it’s hard to stop. Some men lie because they’re insecure or impulsive. Some lie because they’re trying to cover up something huge and disastrous. Some lie about whether they actually did their household tasks or not.

A lot of them, at least according to our Confessional, lie about cheating.

Having your trust betrayed is so, so difficult to come back from. When someone lies to you over and over again, it can seriously impact your self-worth even if you know the lying has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the lying liar.

Even when a lie isn’t intended to hurt another person, the impact of that lie typically results in hurt feelings regardless. While everyone is hard-wired to lie on occasion, it doesn’t justify trying to save yourself from the consequences of your own actions or to get something you want at the expense of your significant other.

Spouses who have been lied to may be unable to cope with their reactions or the emotions they’re feeling. It’s extremely difficult to try and get past the feelings of betrayal and the affair itself. In this case, it may be time to reach out for guidance from a marriage therapist or counselor.