Mom Busts Myths About Single Mothers In Viral Facebook Post

Blogger Constance Hall wants to change the world’s perception of single moms

Divorce is incredibly common, but for some reason, there’s still a stigma surrounding single motherhood. So many single moms get harshly judged and held at arm’s length by their fellow parents, and that’s why blogger Constance Hall recently posted a spot-on takedown of the many myths and misconceptions people have about single motherhood.

Hall wrote on Facebook that she herself experienced single motherhood a few years ago, and said the hardest part is the lack of support you get from other people. “During my short stint of single motherhood a couple of years ago I felt like I wasn’t in the mum crew, but I wasn’t in the single crew either… I was‪#‎crewless‬ (like clueless but I didn’t have 2 mates),” she wrote. “I didn’t need pity because I was actually kicking goals and rocking out… but the toughest part is the stigma.”

As such, Hall wrote that she wants to set the record straight about single moms, so she went stereotype by stereotype, dismantling the lies way too many people believe. For example, single moms “don’t want a new dad for their kids,” and “their kids aren’t disadvantaged.” Added Hall, “The only disadvantage children of single parents face is the knowledge that their mum is being judged.”

Hall also pointed out that single moms aren’t uncomfortable around couples, their kids aren’t baggage — “children are assets and women who raise them on their own have very strong instincts” –and no, single moms are not hitting on your husband. “They didn’t spend all this time getting rid of their [husband] and supporting their kids and working their arses off to have to wake up next to your farting, snoring, horny delight,” quips Hall.

Finally, Hall says she wants people to know single moms aren’t single because of anything they did wrong. “They didn’t fuck anything up,” explains Hall. “Anybody could wake up tomorrow and become a single parent, whether they chose it or not. High horses are for twats.”

Let that be your new life motto, folks: high horses are for twats.

I was raised by a single mom. She left my abusive dad when I was nine, and she worked her butt off to keep our little family afloat through some truly difficult times. I never felt bad that my parents were divorced, and I never felt ashamed of the badass, hardworking woman who raised me. What I did hate was the assumptions people made about her, about us. I was an exemplary student who got told things like, “You’re really successful for the child of a single mom.” What the heck is that supposed to mean?

In the U.S., there are almost ten million single mothers living with children under 18, according to the Census Bureau. Each member of that group is diverse and has unique circumstances, and each one of them is deserving of the same respect, support, and acceptance married parents get. In so many instances, single moms are doing the work of two parents. They are heroes, and they don’t have time for society’s bullshit.