10 Of The Coolest Gifts To Get For Your Cool Grandparents

by Team Scary Mommy
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If your Grandma is like Betty White, then you already know what it’s like to have a cool grandparent. Even if you’re grandparents aren’t quite on par with Betty, they may still be the coolest old people you know. Here are 10 gifts that are just as cool as they are.

1. 23andMe — Personal Ancestry Kit with Lab Fee Included


Because who doesn’t want to know more about their heritage, where they came from, and their family tree?

2. Nixplay WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame


Drop them new photos from anywhere, and this frame will update!

3. Samsung Galaxy Tablet


You can set it to large print, so they can read the subtitles on Game of Thrones.

4. Danya B White Cat Bookend


We’re not even sorry — these are ah-mazing. Or should we say purrr-fect?

5. Donut Warming White Ceramic Coffee Mug Set


If you’re not going to buy these for your grandparents, then please buy them for ours, because OMG THESE MUGS ARE FREAKING AWESOME!

6. The Pioneer Woman Adeline Cookie Jar


Because grandparents and cookies go hand in hand.

7. Aroma Diffuser


They probably make an essential oil for arthritis, and something her Bunco girls like too.

8. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum


If you are old enough to be a grandparent, you shouldn’t have to manually vacuum your floor anymore. Put your feet up and let this robot do it, like the Jetsons.

9. Home Door Ring WiFi Wireless Visual Camera


Your favorite grandparents can tell people to get off their lawn without ever leaving the recliner.

10. Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Maker


Because coffee is life, no matter how old or cool you are.

The coolest grandparents deserve the coolest gifts. And don’t forget to tell them just how awesome they are too–grandparents love that stuff.

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