Cops Step In And Take 8-Year-Old Daughter Of Fallen Officer To Father/Daughter Dance

by Valerie Williams
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Memphis eight-year-old Jewel Warren lost her dad in the line of duty back in 2011, when she was just four years old. Last week, some of her dad’s colleagues got together and escorted her to her school’s father/daughter dance. Cue the tears: this story is beautiful.

From Today, Jewel’s father, Tim Warren, was shot and killed in the line of duty four years ago while responding to a domestic incident. From a statement on the Memphis Police Department’s Facebook page, when Jewel got the letter about the dance, she was “at a loss” knowing she didn’t have a father to take her. Her mother connected with another widow from the department and together, they arranged an evening to remember for this little girl including a special salon trip, long-stem roses from each officer and a classic car to take her to the dance. Do you guys have your tissues out yet? If so, leave them handy because these pictures, from a photographer who donated her time, are simply too much to bear.

Image via Amanda Swain Photography

Are you kidding me with this level of adorable? Her face here says it all. She may not have her dad anymore, but she has a whole lot of support from his former brothers in the police force who spent the evening whooping it up with Jewel and her friends. Check out what is undoubtedly the world’s cutest conga line:

Image via Amanda Swain Photography

Oh, this sweet girl. It’s wonderful these officers stepped in and gave her a fun night she can remember so she wasn’t stuck feeling left out — reminded in such a big way that she no longer has a father. Life is going to have sad moments all the time for people who have lost a loved one, no matter what. These kinds of events must be so difficult for kids who have experienced the death of a parent. As much fun as these dances must be for most kids, you can only imagine how hard it is for children like Jewel — for whom these invitations will always bring along a touch of heartache.

This is what makes these officers stepping up so absolutely wonderful. They erased that hurt for one little girl for just one night. No one can protect her from all the times in life that she will be reminded of her father’s absence, but it’s amazing that these men were able to step in for him that night. Jewel’s mother was also able to attend the dance and see her happy child. It must not be easy for her to see those invitations coming home.

These police officers did an amazing thing and it’s nice to see a story like this go viral so we are all aware of acts of kindness that happen everyday from people who never expect any recognition. For kids like Jewel, that one night can mean everything.

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