Woman Throws Tantrum At Costco After Being Told To Put On A Mask

Woman Throws Tantrum & Refuses To Leave Costco After Being Told To Wear A Mask


A woman threw a tantrum at a Costco after employees asked her to wear a mask

What is it with the “constitutional rights” crowds that make them conveniently forget that constitutional rights don’t let them do whatever they want inside a private institution? Today in “Karens Strike Again,” a woman threw a toddler-level tantrum at a Costco because — shocker — she didn’t want to wear a mask.

Today’s anti-masker comes in a long line of anti-mask Karens, like the unhinged Los Angeles Trader Joe’s Karen or the Staten Island Karen, who was bullied out of grocery store by her fellow shoppers for not wearing a mask, but this latest Karen didn’t even claim to have a health issue that kept her from wearing a mask, she relied on the old “I’m an American” argument.

“New ‘Costco Karen’ sighting — throws 3-yr-old type tantrum — sits on the floor and won’t leave because ‘this is America.’ –tries to lie about medical condition then changes her mind,” the Twitter user @OnlyInLVNV shared on Thursday, July 2, 2020, leading us to believe this occurred at a Costco in Las Vegas, Nevada.