Couple Gives Their Pregnancy Announcement The Superhero Treatment

by Julie Scagell
Image via James Doherty

Leave it to superheroes to nail their pregnancy photo shoot

What do you do when you have an immense love of superheroes and find yourself with child? You create some adorable Batman-themed baby announcements, that’s what. James and Alisha Doherty of Nashville decided to reveal their big news to family and friends with a photo shoot worthy of superhero acclaim.

Image via James Doherty

“We’ve been doing batman appearances for a few years now and it’s a big part of our lives. So when the news came, we both kinda knew we would be doing it this way,” Doherty told Scary Mommy. Doherty’s Imgur portfolio, which he posted on Reddit with the caption, “My wife and I have a sidekick on the way,” have had priceless reactions on Reddit and Facebook.

”That kid is going to have the coolest childhood ever.”

“Shut up this is the best.”

“This is the greatest parental photo shoot ever.”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.”

Image via James Doherty

The pictures show Doherty casually reading What to Expect, coming to grips with a tiny Robin onesie, and drinking for three. He told ABC News of their Batman appearances, “We don’t really charge for it. We just do it for fun.” As for the costumes he said, “I buy the pieces from a friend of mine. I get them and put them together. This suit, in particular, the torso and the legs, is a motorcycle suit. And part of it is rubber. The capes I make myself. That’s generally how I make the income to keep the hobby up.” You can see more of his costumes on Instagram.

Image via James Doherty

Creative and resourceful, two qualities that will serve him well in fatherhood.

Can’t wait to see what happens for kid number two. I’m not even sure I announced my second pregnancy at all but was so swollen I think people assumed I just got stung by a bunch of bees. With my third I just sent an email out to a few family members that said something to the effect of “well, I’m fucking pregnant again.” I’m kidding (in case my second and third ever read this someday).

Image via James Doherty

Alisha is 12 weeks pregnant and due, wait for it, on Halloween “which is great for our costuming hobbies,” Doherty told ABC News. This kid is going to win every costume contest for the next 18 years, hands down.

The excited parents do not know the sex of the baby yet but “couldn’t be more excited.” We think he or she hit the parent jackpot, for sure.