Blackface Video Proves Covington Catholic Has Been A Racist Cesspool For Years

by Cassandra Stone
Image via YouTube

The proof that this school has a long, racist history is literally everywhere

Covington Catholic students have been dominating the news cycle for the abhorrent, racist behavior they displayed at the Lincoln Memorial over the weekend. Several videos show a horde of male students from the school screaming, chanting, and making fun of a Native American elder (and others). The headlines about the school probably aren’t going to die down anytime soon, and for valid reasons.

It turns out the school’s race problem isn’t a new one — surprise, surprise. A video of several white students donning blackface during a basketball game has surfaced, proving the school has been a racist cesspool for a while.

In a video dating back to 2012, several students in the bleachers are seen painted in black makeup from head to toe. Even more than that, the precise application of said makeup is undeniably reminiscent of the minstrel era. On a bunch of white kids.

The opposing team had black players — who were allegedly verbally abused throughout this particular game and others.

One former Covington Catholic student says the school often participated in “blackout” games, where everyone wears black to show fan support. Why this would ever, ever include white boys painting their faces black is, well, whiteness at work.

Judging by the makeup application of the boy in the aforementioned tweet, it’s difficult to believe it’s an innocent “blackout.” After all, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s probably a racist.

Especially when you hear things like this:

It’s difficult to know what to believe — the blatant racism displayed by Covington Catholic students we’re seeing with our own eyeballs and the firsthand accounts of racist abuse, or a handful of privileged white boys who deny all of it. Or, rather, the PR firms their parents have hired are denying all of it.

Who can say for sure?!

If you perform a simple “Cov Cath” search on Twitter, you’ll find countless stories of racist and homophobic harassment shared by former students.

The school’s homophobia is so rampant, last year’s valedictorian was prevented from delivering his commencement speech because of his sexuality.

Amid all the racism and homophobia presented by the boys at this school, we can’t forget about the misogyny. They were, after all, visiting D.C. to attend the March for Life rally to share their support of denying women the right to a safe and legal abortion.

Oh, and this charming anecdote, where one of the boys can be heard shouting “it’s not rape if you enjoy it,” apropos of nothing.

And here they are, harassing women passing by on the street.

Yeah, you can go ahead and shove your redemption tours for literally any of these bros.

The vast majority of students at Covington Catholic are, unsurprisingly, white. But the lack of diversity expands to the staff at the school, too.

During his utterly pointless and dead-eyed interview with TODAY this morning, Main Smirker Nicholas Sandmann told Savannah Guthrie that because his school is Catholic, “they don’t tolerate racism” and that none of his classmates are racist.

Sorry, Sandmann, but everything — and I mean everything — speaks to the contrary. And the burden to change the toxic atmosphere of this school does not lie on the shoulders of the marginalized people they’ve dehumanized.