Mom’s Crocheted 'E.T.' Costume Wins The Internet Today

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

This mom puts us all to shame with the crocheted “E.T.” costume she made for her son

Halloween is coming and while most of us are scrambling to locate the right prepackaged costumes for our kids, other parents are going above and beyond. Like this mom, whose crocheted “E.T.” costume will have you feeling a little inadequate.

Oh, and she did it in only four days. No big deal.

According to The Huffington Post, Stephanie Pokorny of Mentor, Ohio, didn’t just whip up this amazing costume for 2-year-old Jack using a pattern anyone could follow. She did it freehand, starting on a Friday and finishing by the following Monday. She shared the photos of the finished product on her site, Crochetverse. Check out her handiwork and prepare to be amazed.

While you’re busy picking your jaw up off the floor, let us dazzle you with a few more facts about this creative dynamo of a mom. First of all, this isn’t a hobby she picked up only because she has kids. She learned to crotchet at a very young age. “My grandma taught me when I was 16 sitting on a fabulous ‘70s brown plaid couch.”

And what better way to learn pretty much anything?

Pokorny also adores the 80s and says, “Mark my words, when he is old enough I plan to instill a healthy love of all things ‘80s as any good mother should,” adding that she realizes he’s still too young to understand just how freaking cool his “E.T.” costume truly is.

And Pokorny’s unreal talents mean she’s made other costumes for her kids including this incredible Clint Eastwood ensemble, a nod to the actor’s role in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

She also designed (freehand, of course) an adorable Absolem (the caterpillar from “Alice in Wonderland”) costume for Jack last year. Holy cuteness overload.

Pokorny tells Scary Mommy she’s grateful for the positive reactions to her insanely cool creations. “I am flabbergasted. But I am so so happy that he is bringing smiles and laughs to people! Like a true nerd, I have been saving screenshots so I can print them for a scrapbook!”

Her advice to moms trying to get crafty is look to grandma first, and if that fails, there’s always the internet. “When I learned, I sat with my Grandma, and now we have so many resources available to us online. So, I would say first ask your grandma and if she doesn’t know how? Sit down with your grandma and watch YouTube videos over and over until you both learn!”

As someone who’s tried so many crafty things only to abandon them in frustration three days in (here’s looking at you, embroidery) I can’t help being in awe of talent like Pokorny’s. And such a fun bonus that she gets to make enviable Halloween costumes for her kids that their friends will be clamoring for.

We know we totally are.