This Video Of A Toddler Being Calmed By Her Infant Sister Will Make Your Ovaries Explode

by Sarah Hosseini
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Crying toddler in viral video is comforted by her baby sister

Big sister Ellia was not having a good morning. She woke up crying, which let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

In this video, Ellia makes her way to the living room in total toddler tears. Her mom, Esther Anderson, turns the camera to herself and says what all moms are thinking at that point. “This is going to be a long day.”

Ugh, we get it girlfriend. Solidarity, sister.

Esther said she already had a long night, which we can only assume has something to do with the newborn baby on her lap. Just as we’re all reminded of how painfully long those nights can be and swear off babies for ever …. total baby bliss happens.

As Esther is sitting with newborn Tessa, she asks her toddler, “What’s the matter?” The little girl hops up on the couch with her mom and wraps her arms around baby Tessa’s cheeks and just holds her.

“Did you wake up grumpy?” Esther asks and little Ellia nods and begins stroking her baby sister’s head. Calmness sweeps over the toddler and she’s no longer crying. And now we want a baby. Actually we want five of them all at once, just like this.

When a parent has kids as close in age as these two, there are plenty of difficult moments to endure. But then, there are moments like this. When you see a glimpse into the future, your children drawing comfort from each other’s presence. It’s what any parent would hope for.

In her little toddler voice Ellia says “Awwww, I love her, so much.” No more sniffles, only smiles. And now we’re spontaneously ovulating.

The video has been viewed over 150,000 times on the family’s YouTube channel, Story Of This Life.

Esther told TODAY that 2-year old Ellia wants to always be right next to her baby sister, holding her hand or rubbing her head.

We don’t blame you Ellia, we would be too.

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