CTFD With The Essential Oils, Folks

by Joanna McClanahan
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We get it… essential oils are fabulous. I mean, who doesn’t love diffusing a little lavender before bed? But if you’re a die-hard oil fanatic who tries to push your oilology on everyone you know, well… we need to have a talk.

In case you’re wondering whether you might need to calm down with essential oils:

Do you regularly say, “There’s an oil for that!”?

Do you encourage everyone you know to buy them?

Do you “clean” your house with oils?

Have you advised people to avoid the doctor by using oils?

We get it. You really, really like essential oils. And I understand that you use them for everything because, um, it’s come up more than once.

To be clear, I’m all for people using as many essential oils as they want. I just want to be left out of it.

You blend your own fragrances? Cool. Just know that you probably smell strong enough to scare away wildlife, but none of your friends have the heart to tell you.

You think that tea tree oil can bring people back from the dead? More power to you.

But I’m not interested in buying anything from you. I don’t want to be part of your “oily journey” or build any oil-related shrines in my home. That’s cool that you have over a hundred of them. You should spend your money however you want, but I’m not interested in $30 bottles of snake oil. (Whoops, not “snake.” THAT would be ridiculous.)

I prefer to clean my home with products that actually clean it. Although I’m sure germs smell better when they’re lemon-scented.

Most importantly, I will continue to consult physicians for medical advice, thank you. And you really shouldn’t be giving advice in the place of a physician. Ever.

Do you understand how insulting it sounds when you tell people they could cure their anxiety with just a few drops of ylang-ylang? Or when you shame moms for giving their kids antibiotics when they could have just diffused some oregano and cleared it right up?

Becoming an oils consultant didn’t make you an honorary doctor. Go ahead and wear all the eucalyptus you want, but please don’t dispense medical advice along with your sales pitch.

Especially don’t advise people to ingest essential oils in any way. They aren’t regulated by the FDA. Incorrect storage and usage has even led to toxic exposure, specifically in children.

So stop telling people to add a few drops of oil to their organic sadness smoothies, or to put any oils in any orifices (I’m looking at you, Gwyneth.) They’re not designed for that, and it’s not safe.

You do you. Just stop preaching to others about your oils, please. We don’t want to receive Facebook messages about your products, and we definitely don’t want to be added to yet another group. We don’t want to have to find the polite way to back out ASAFP.

At the end of the day, we want the same thing you want: The ability to live our lives without someone else telling us how we “should” be doing everything. So please calm the frankincense down.

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