You Can Buy Custom Cookie Cutters That Look Just Like Your Pet

by Leah Groth

Etsy shop Baker’s Street Cutters offers fully customizable cookie cutters of your pet

Cookie cutters in fun, creative, and adorable shapes are always a great idea. After all, why shape a cookie in a boring old circle when there are so many other options — ranging from exotic animals to random objects? While you can walk into any cooking store or scan Amazon to find some fabulous cookie cutters, Etsy shop Baker’s Street Cutters has majorly upped the cookie cutter game, offering customizable cookie cutters — in the shape of your pet. In other words, if you want a cookie cutter that resembles your fur baby, you can own one that is your fur baby — not just some random dog who sort of resembles it.


Sure, if you have a Schnauzer or Golden Retriever, maybe this seems like no big deal. But for anyone with a mixed breed, rare breed, or simply one-of-a-kind canines, this is truly revolutionary.




Here’s how it works: All you need to do is send in a photo of your pooch to Baker’s Street Cutters Etsy shop, and their designer will create a simple illustration of them. At this point, they send you a preview of your design to make sure they haven’t missed any details. Once you approve, they will render it into a 3D-cookie cutter, perfect for making a variety of baked goods ranging from cookies (obviously) to dog treats.


Or maybe you aren’t into pets at all, but simply have a favorite human. Yes, you can make their face into a cookie cutter as well. For example, looking to honor your boss or coworker? Have their face made into a cookie cutter (facial hair, glasses, mole and all) and whip up a batch of cookies that clone them.


People are seriously obsessed with the custom cookie cutters, and the store has tons of rave reviews on Etsy.

“The drawing from the photo was great! I got a proof super fast and he was great about making changes I wanted and sent back another proof quickly!” wrote one reviewer. “Everyone loved the cookie cutter. Took a while to get a recipe that tasted good, didn’t get stuck in the detailed cutter, and kept its shape after baking, but the cutter was awesome.”

“So amazing! Looks just like my subject and Ivan was so communicative and kind. Highly recommend as a unique and great gift!” wrote another.

These brilliantly creative cookie cutters cost a lot less than you would think — $27 plus shipping — and the process takes one to three weeks plus shipping time. An important thing to keep in mind is that they are hand-wash only, so if you accidentally toss them in the dishwasher you may be out of luck. The store also offers a bunch of unique, pre-made cutters in shapes such as David Bowie, Frida Kahlo, and a variety of Freddie Mercury faces, in case you want to whip up a batch of fun cookies ASAP.


Cookie cutters aren’t the only things you can have custom made with your pet’s mug. You can order up a 3D pillow, pajamas covered with their face, bedroom slippers — and get this — even a luggage cover.